About Papua Finance

Papua Finance Limited (PFL) is incorporated and registered with the Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) on the 14th December, 2010, and licensed by Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) under Banking & Financial Institution Act 2000 as a authorised  financial institution mostly owned and managed by local, indigenous PNG citizens  for  providing quality lending services at very low and affordable interest rates to the below-average citizens of PNG to financially assist them in times of need in their daily living as well as to finance those having need of assistance to start up business and/or to expand existing business, thus requesting funds  for an additional working capital/capital asset purchase.

Papua Finance Limited will also take deposits with attractive interest rates to those who have surplus cash to assist those in need.

There are many banking and financial institutions in the country providing similar banking and financial services to prospective clients according to their own respective terms and conditions, purposely comply with the guidelines of Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG). However, PFL strongly and confidently believes that of course demand for accessing credit facility is very high due to the fact that individuals’ various business needs and wants. With this, PFL is really committed to provide this easy and accessible financial services competitive in the financial markets domestically so it closes this gap and maintain a reputable financial company in this banking and financial industry.

Papua Finance Limited has a great vision to participate effectively and competitively at market and willing to be partnership with any corporate client(s) to ensure easy and conducive environment to facilitate credit to its employees. Also, flexibility in assessing and helping those prospective individuals doing either formal or informal business that has a fascination to prosper in future. PFL is not only profit oriented company, nevertheless, believes that providing accessible and affordable credit facility would directly or indirectly contribute immensely for the betterment of individuals well being as well as contribution to the nation building and economic growth.


To be one of the best financial service providers in Papua New Guinea and to international business houses with the support of quality staff who willingly contribute to the continuous improvement of customer services and financial products with reasonable return on shareholders’ fund.


  • To be a responsible corporate citizen in improving the national economy of Papua New Guinea and enriching the lives of its people.
  • To provide a wide range of effective, efficient and accessible financial products and services.
  • To be recognized nationwide.

The Papua Finance is a socially responsible enterprise. We support sustainable socioeconomic, cultural and environmental development initiatives aimed at enriching the lives of the communities where we have business presence.

Central to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment is our policy to conduct business in a manner that is compatible with the needs of the local people. In this respect, we ensure that our business presence adds sustainable and measurable value to our host communities. The Bank has been supporting needy and deserving projects, institutions and individuals around the country and creating long term relationships with them.

We measure our success not only in terms of financial criteria, but also in building customer satisfaction and employee engagement, and supporting the communities we serve. This way of thinking is evident in the Bank’s balanced scorecard approach to management, which integrates CSR elements into our strategic planning and performance evaluation processes.

We have developed a comprehensive CSR strategy with a major focus on education, healthcare, environment, sports and social development.

Corporate Governance refers to the way in which a company is governed, how it makes decisions, its processes and policies, and how it deals with the various interests of its many stakeholders — including shareholders, customers, employees and the broader community.

Corporate governance is achieved by establishing a system that clearly defines authority and responsibility resulting in a system of internal controls that is regularly tested to ensure effectiveness.

At ABC Capital Bank Limited, we place a high degree of importance on the maintenance of a sound corporate governance structure and applying the highest standards of business integrity and professionalism in all areas of the institution’s activities.

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