Business Loan is a loan product specifically designed for partnerships/ firms/ companies/big group of companies.

The loan is available to business houses that have been in operation for at least 36 months. This will assist them to access additional funding in running the business. The purpose is strictly for additional working capital or Acquisition of Business assets, i.e., purchase of raw materials, buying new equipment etc.

Benefits of Business Loan Account holders

  • Lower interest rate.

  • 1% administration fee.

  • Faster processing time.

  • Short repayment terms.

Business is registered under IPA and maintains a company account with any PNG Bank.

Business which has a viable enterprise.

A business which has been in operation over three years

Business has been operating profitably for the last 12 months.

Type of Business is acceptable to PFL.

Located within the area of branch location.

Small enterprises, which are not viable or not have been in business for three years.

Small enterprises which have no potential for expansion.

Blacklisted customers.

  • Loan Amount

    Minimum     K 10,000.00

    Maximum    K250,000.00

    (Refer to Discretionary Powers)

  • Term

    Minimum     Two (2) Months

    Maximum    Forty-Eight (48) Months

  • Fees

    Default fees are set at 2% of instalment amount in addition to rate charged under facility.

  • Top Up Loans/Second Loan Cycle

    Top up loan is not possible but customer can be given a fresh loan upon successful assessment based on repayment ability and sufficient collateral.

  • Disbursement Method

    Cheque Payment

    Direct credit to the account of the borrower.

  • Repayment Amount

    None as interest rate is variable

  • Repayment Method

    Repayment start date must be exactly a month after the disbursement of the loan.

    Monthly repayments shall be done through direct deposit to the following account:

    Bank of South Pacific – Douglas Street Branch

    Account Number: 1008662833

    Account Name: Papua Finance Limited

    The above account shall also be used if the small entrepreneur is willing to settle the loan early.

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