GDP accounts are customised loan products specifically designed for high profit/good customers. The product has been developed to reward and retain high value customers.
With increasing competition, the need to retain and attract more profitable customers is of paramount importance to ensure continued high quality asset growth. High value customers are loyal customers who bring “real profit” to the company. These customers are those who are paying their loans on time; those who keep on coming back to PFL to obtain additional loans; customers whose employer is very supportive of PFL.
GDP accounts are available for both borrowers and depositors who meet the set criteria stated in this guideline.
To ensure that all GDP Clients are treated as a Premium Customers in PFL, a GDP card will be issued to qualified borrowers and depositors.
With GDP cards, high value customers will be rewarded with benefits not available to non-GDP.

Benefits of Gutpela Dinau Premium

  • Specialized service area within all PFL branches.
  • Lower interest rates for loan customers eligible for GDP cards.
  • AOption to have cheque payment
  • Option to repay via Bank Standing Order
  • Higher interest rates to depositors.
  • No administration and establishment fee.
  • Faster processing time
  • Flexible repayment terms.

GDP Account

GDP accounts shall be given to existing customers who meet the criteria stated below.
GDP accounts are effective for three years upon issuance of GDP card, unless cancelled or terminated.
Existing Loan Performer (LPF) system shall separate GDP accounts from regular accounts.

Eligible Depositors

Individual customers.
New and existing customers who hold term deposit for 90 days or more.
Potential GDP customers may only be recommended by senior PFL personnel.

Eligible Consumer Loan Borrowers

Permanent employees of Government departments and private companies who are accredited for raising Permanent Variations Advice (PVA) or Irrevocable Salary Deductions Authority (ISDA).
Not part time/casual.
Not under probationary status.
Existing salary is being credited into their bank account.
With net pay of K200- after PFL’s deduction.
Must have had at least two loans with PFL since 08th September, 2012.
Have made consistent repayment in accordance with Loan agreement on previous loans up to settlement or top up.
Applying for a loan of at least K3,000.00 for 15 – 30 fortnights.
Never been blacklisted.
Have made all loan repayments without changing the deduction amount for the last two years.
Potential GDP customers may only be recommended by senior PFL personnel.
All GDP accounts must be approved by Senior Management
MD shall confirm the GDP status of a customer through a formal letter.

Customers Not Eligible

Persons not employed with a GDP-approved private company or government department.
Customers who are blacklisted
Casual/probationary employees.
Employees who are not qualified to get a loan of at least K3,000.00.
Customers who skip or reduce repayments.


Minimum K300.00
Maximum K100,000.00


All outstanding balances must be fully paid before giving top up loans. Outstanding balance can be paid in cash or deducted from the proceeds of the top up loans.


Late payment fees of K20.00 per fortnight after two fortnights in arrears, as a result of missed and reduced deductions, until arrears have been cleared.

Disbursement Method

Direct credit to the account of borrower.
Cheque payment

Repayment Method

Direct credit to the account of borrower.
Cheque payment


Direct credit to the account of borrower.
Cheque payment

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